The sign that was being propped up by a loaded shotgun.
The sign that was being propped up by a loaded shotgun.
Mesa PD

Audio Released of Cops Arresting Mesa Man Who Used a Loaded Shotgun to Protest Police

Mesa police have released an audio recording from yesterday's arrest of 37-year-old Jeremy Wiseman, who decided to picket the Mesa Police Department with a shotgun at 3 a.m.

Really, the audio sounds like the situation just as police described it, except for the exclusion of the officer's sigh of relief after getting the cuffs on Wiseman: "It's a fuckin' shotgun."

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Earlier today, we told you that officers had seen Wiseman for several hours at the corner of Alma School and University, holding a sign that said "Stop Police Harassment in Mesa," with a phone number that's listed as Wiseman's.

Police contacted him after a bicyclist reported being disturbed by Wiseman, and an apparent conversation with that cyclist is on the audio recording. You can also hear Wiseman ranting and raving in the background.

While Wiseman told police, "Fuck the Mesa Police, come arrest me, you slime," one officer noticed that Wiseman's hand was on what looked like the butt of a gun coming out from the bottom of the sign.

Seconds later in the audio recording, you can hear that officer realize that Wiseman was actually holding a shotgun, and had taped the sign to the shotgun.

Cops say Wiseman told officers that he had the gun to "protect himself from Mesa Police," and he allegedly told an officer at the jail that he "stirring up a hornets nest" and told the officer that "you saw what happened to shooting cops in southern California" -- an apparent reference to former LAPD Officer Christopher Dorner.

Wiseman was booked on charges of disorderly conduct and making threats.

The Jeremy Wiseman protest kit.
The Jeremy Wiseman protest kit.
Mesa PD

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