Authorities Go Gangbusters in South Phoenix; Dozens Arrested, Drugs Seized

A massive gang/drug bust called "Operation OGSTYLE" went down in south Phoenix this morning, resulting in the arrests of dozens of gang members, the Phoenix Police Department announced today.

"Operation OGSTYLE" was headed by the Phoenix P.D. but included law enforcement agents from several other agencies, including the Drug Enforcement Administration and the Arizona Attorney General's Office.

Phoenix police say officers from the South Mountain Precinct began to notice an increase in drug-related complaints in south Phoenix in August of 2009.

Since then, authorities have been monitoring the area for drug activity and identified several gang leaders from several different gangs working together to purchase, manufacture, and sell crack cocaine throughout south Phoenix.

This morning, 20 search warrants were carried out simultaneously throughout the city, during which property was seized and dozens of gang members were taken into custody.

"The effect on the South Mountain community will be a lasting one; this entire criminal organization has been dismantled from top to bottom," acting Phoenix Chief of Police Joe Yahner says.

Attorney General Tom Horne also chimed in on the bust.

"I am very proud of the work done by the Attorney General's Office, the Phoenix Police Department, and the Drug Enforcement Administration to complete this highly complex investigation," Horne says. "Cooperation between state, local, and federal agencies is crucial to bringing to justice those individuals involved in this type of criminal activity. I pledge a vigorous prosecution of those involved in this matter."

The Phoenix P.D. is holding a press conference about "Operation OGSTYLE" this afternoon. Check back for details.

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