AZ Governor Jan Brewer Signs Bills to Restore Education Funding

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer signed four bills today to restore much of the roughly $600 million cut from education programs in the Legislature's initial budget proposal, which she vetoed.

Monday, after an exhaustive special session, the Legislature passed a new budget to appease the irritated executive, and re-include her pricey passion projects.

"Republicans and Democrats united to fulfill my number-one priority -- preventing education
from being decimated by massive cuts," Brewer says.

This monumental unification of elephants and asses came after Brewer held a Legislative-detention session Monday, telling legislators that if they wanted to get paid or go home, they needed to figure out a way to include more money for education.


By 7 p.m., the Legislature miraculously managed to do what it hadn't been able to do in more than a month of negotiation: Agree on something.


"The Legislature still needs to work with me on a solution on the revenue side, because the budget is massively out of balance," Brewer says. "Each day that goes by represents a dangerous delay."


However, given the governor's apparent mastery in motivating unruly legislators, as seen in their prompt adherence to education demand, closing the $3-billion budget gap should be a piece of cake, right?

Let's hope nobody gets water-boarded. 

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