Baby Gabriel Search Moves to San Antonio Landfill; Police Remain Hopeful He's Alive

Police in San Antonio, Texas, today began searching a landfill, where they think the remains of missing Gabriel Johnson, the Tempe boy missing since December, may be.

A couple of weeks ago, police cordoned off a 45-foot section of the landfill. They believe garbage will be found in the section that came from the hotel where Gabriel and his mother, Elizabeth Johnson, were last seen together.

Police, however, waited until today to actually start searching the dump..

San Antonio Police say they remain hopeful they will find the baby alive, despite announcing on Saturday that the investigation into his disappearance had shifted from a missing-persons investigation to a homicide probe.

Meanwhile, Gabriel's father, Logan McQueary, is in San Antonio and has recruited famed investigator, Jay J. Armes, who has robot arms, to help him: The two are retracing Elizabeth Johnson's steps looking for leads.

The best "lead" -- Elizabeth Johnson -- is sitting in a Maricopa County jail at the moment, but she aint talkin'.

The cops say the search of the landfill could take up to six days.

Anyone with information about Gabriel Johnson is asked to call the Tempe Police Department, the San Antonio Police Department, or the FBI.

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