Baby Goat Stolen From Arizona State Fair Could Die If Not Returned Immediately

The clock is ticking for GusGus, the baby goat stolen Wednesday evening from the Great American Petting Zoo exhibit at the Arizona State Fair.

He could die if not returned immediately, zoo officials say.

GusGus is 5 weeks old, weighs less than five pounds and is too young to be separated from his mother. "He needs her milk, he needs her attention, he needs to be with his mom," Karen Searle, director of livestock at the State Fair, tells KPHO. "He was in a pen with his mom so this wasn't an accident. This was intentional."

GusGus is small enough that someone could have tucked him into a jacket or a small bag, she adds.

Zoo officials also say that GusGus' mother is crying loudly for her baby and that it's unhealthy for her as well to be separated for this long. Whoever stole the baby goat is asked to bring him back — with no questions asked — to the fair's VIP entrance at 17th Avenue and McDowell Road.

If you have any information about the missing goat, please call the petting zoo at 602-568-2105.
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