Ban on Same-Sex Marriage Wins; Other Propositions Don't Fare as Well

By Ray Stern

The wedding's off.

Arizona voters have approved Proposition 102, which bans same-sex marriages and amends the state constitution to make it more difficult for supporters of gay marriages to change the law in the future.

Nearly 92 percent of statewide precincts have reported results, and the proposition won by about 57 percent to 44 percent, ensuring a win.

Voters didn't fall for the deceptive campaigns of Propositions 200 and 202, which dealt with payday loans and the state's employer sanctions laws. The defeats mean a legislative exemption for the high interest rates of payday loan stores will expire in 2010, and the employer sanctions law will remain as is.

Lawmakers won't get a pay raise (Prop 300), there won't be a new home tax (Prop 100), homeowners are stuck with the same rules for dealing with problem homebuilders (Prop 201), and voting on taxes will remain the same (prop 105).

The fate of one proposition still hung in the balance late Tuesday night -- Prop 101, which would preserve individual choice on health care plans. As of midnight, the Secretary of State's election results showed a 50-50 split among voters with about 92 percent of precincts reporting.

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