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Barack Obama's Failure, Joe Arpaio's Trifecta: Brought to You by Dennis Gilman TV

Gilman's latest, revealing Arpaio's nefarious domino effect...

Just curious, but where are the white knights of the Obama administration as Sheriff Joe ignores crimes, intimidates his political opponents, and zip-ties American citizens and those here legally without probable cause? About every six months one news outlet or another reports that the DOJ, the FBI, DHS, or all three are in town, interviewing people about Arpaio as part of ongoing investigations. Personally, I'm tired of hearing it. I want to see them do something about this power-mad miscreant armed with a badge. Not spend the next two years talking to people about maybe doing something as long as it's politically expedient.

Take a look at this latest effort from Dennis Gilman, which documents the Arpaio domino effect: from failing to do his duty as a law enforcement officer, to being lambasted by the Goldwater Institute -- which calls on AG Terry Goddard to investigate -- a call that prompts a sheriff's office vehicle to menace Goddard's home, which the MCSO claims is eight blocks from a drop house raided that day, where MCSO goons zip-tie a 12-year old American kid and his green-card-holdin' dad because they happen to live in the home next to the drop house.

And all this took place in the span of about two days. That's a record I bet even the brazen corruption of ex-Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich couldn't beat. Throughout it all, Arpaio acted like Goddard lived in the same barrio that Arpaio's thugs invaded to take down a drop house. What a joke. Goddard's residence and the drop house are nowhere near one another, as you can see from the map Gilman provides in the video.

Arpaio's eternal bluffing would be comic if he were not running human beings roughshod in the process. Maybe the Obamaites figure there's no quarter in it for them, taking on Arpaio. Perhaps that's why it seems as if heels are dragging. But you'd think that at the very least, they'd have enough pride not to want some petty tyrant such as Arpaio thumbing his nose at them. Yep, you'd think.

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