See you on death row, Mr. Goudeau.
See you on death row, Mr. Goudeau.

"Baseline Killer" Mark Goudeau Gets More Than 1,100 Years On Top of Death Sentence

Mark Goudeau, who already is on his way to death row after nine murder convictions, heard the rest of his prison sentence today--more than 1,100 years on 58 felonies ranging from sexual assault to armed robbery.

Unrepentant to the end, the 47-year-old Phoenix man again blamed the world--specifically, his defense team, dirty cops, prosecutors and a state lab scientist--for his "plight."
"I'm simply here to say that I'm an innocent man," Goudeau told Judge Granville, standing handcuffed and shackled before the judge in his jailhouse black-and-whites.
"You will see in time, I had nothing to do with these crimes."


Goudeau claimed that racist and corrupt Phoenix police investigators framed him for the nine murders, eight sexual assaults and myriad other crimes that widely became known in 2005-06 as the "Baseline Killer" case.

Here is our recent inside overview of one of Arizona's most infamous all-time killers and his crimes.
"They found the nigger," Goudeau said. "They found the scapegoat in the neighborhood, and they planted evidence on me."

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