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Bathroom Birther John Kavanagh Dumps Potty-Cop Bill, Still Wants to Regulate Toilets

Toilet policeman and Republican Representative John Kavanagh has dumped his "bathroom birther" bill, which would have criminalized the use of a public restroom if the sex on someone's birth certificate doesn't match the sign on the door.

Still, Kavanagh's not giving up -- he's got another proposal to regulate toilet usage in the state of Arizona.

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Kavanagh tried to sneak in his original proposal using a "strike everything" amendment but has now used another "strike everything" amendment to make that bill, SB 1432, have nothing to do with toilets.

Last week, after people noticed that the bill purposely targets the transgender community, Kavanagh announced at the committee hearing that it would have to be delayed, because they didn't have the "appropriate paperwork" due to a "communication breakdown." It apparently had nothing to do with all the people who showed up to the hearing in protest.

But Lavatory Lieutenant Kavanagh is no quitter, especially when he's doing others' bidding -- in this case, the Center for Arizona Policy's bidding.

So, Kavanagh's new proposal is another "strike everything" amendment, this one on Senate Bill 1045, which passed the Senate as a bill related to "unprofessional conduct for a health professional." Instead, Kavanagh wants it to be about toilets.

Among other points in the proposed amendment, Kavanagh wants to make it so "no person or business shall be civilly or criminally liable for denying access to privacy areas based on gender identity or expression."

Another part essentially goes after the City of Phoenix's ordinance -- although Phoenix's has nothing to do with bathrooms, specifically -- by saying that only the state government can regulate "access to privacy areas in places of public accommodation based on gender identity or expression."

Kavanagh has scheduled this bill to be heard in the House Appropriations Committee, of which Kavanagh is the chairman, tomorrow.

Click here for the full text of Kavanagh's latest toilet regulation proposal.

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