"Bearded Bandit" Robs His Fifth Bank, He May Also Not Have A Beard

A bank-robbery suspect the FBI's calling the "Bearded Bandit" has struck again, as has the FBI's bank-robber-naming department.

The "Bearded Bandit" may have robbed five Valley banks, but whether he actually has a beard is up for debate.

According to the FBI -- and the pictures it has provided -- there's definitely something on his face resembling a beard, but it (along with his hair) could be fake.

Either way, the latest bank hit by the man who's allegedly a "Bearded Banded" was a Chase location on Shea Boulevard in Phoenix on Wednesday, his fifth since December.

The string of robberies started on December 22 at a bank in Avondale, and he's also hit up banks in Peoria, Litchfield Park, and Gilbert.

According the suspect description from the FBI, he's "white male, late 20s to early 30s, 6'0"-6'2" tall, thin to medium build. It is possible his hair and beard are not real."

We're also adding the possibly bearded "Bearded Bandit" to our database of gems from the FBI's bank-robber-naming department, which currently includes the "Average at Best Bandits," the "Bad Teeth Bandit," the "First-Aid Bandit," the "Mummy Bandit," and all of the other lovely nicknames from the FBI we keep filed under "Bandits."

If you know who this clown in the pictures is, the FBI asks that you phone them up at 623-466-1999 or contact Silent Witness at 480-WITNESS.

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