"Bee" Careful: That's What the Phoenix Fire Department's Telling Us After Latest Bee Attack Leaves Elderly Woman Hospitalized

Remember when bees were nice? Sure there was an occasional sting here and there, but they never seemed to be out for blood like these Africanized monsters we have today.

An 81-year-old Phoenix woman is the latest victim of the implacable insect, after she was found on her porch near 33rd Avenue, south of Cactus Road covered from head to toe by viscious bees.

"She looked nearly unconscious," the woman's neighbor, Marla McKendry tells KTAR radio [92.3 FM]. "She was lying on the ground right there when I came out of my house to pick up my son from school."

The bees didn't stop there.

Phoenix Fire Captain Dorian Jackson says three police officers and another woman were also attacked while trying to assist the elderly victim.

"We don't know where they came from. It was just a swarm that seemed to attack her at the time," Jackson says. "It's very scary, we're telling everybody in the area to please stay inside."

As you may remember, back in July, an 84-year-old blind man and his dog were attacked by a swarm of these ruthless maniacs in Green Valley.

In April, a swarm attacked a family barbecue stinging about 15 people in New River.

Now it seems as though the invasion has arrived in Phoenix, and their vengeance knows no bounds.

Goodnight and good luck.

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