Beer Thief Steals 12-Pack -- Before Getting Shot Several Times By Mini-Mart Clerk

If you plan to steal beer from Mike's Mini Market in Prescott, you better bring a gun -- there's a chance you'll get shot.

Scott LaFonte, 35, learned that lesson the hard way -- he only brought a knife when he attempted to steal a 12-pack of beer last night, and was subsequently shot "several times" by the clerk.

We spoke to Prescott Lieutenant Andy Reinhardt this afternoon. He says the investigation into the shooting is still in the early stages, but gives New Times the following account:

About 7 p.m. yesterday, LaFonte entered the convenience store, flashed a knife at the clerk, Michael Lewis, stole a pack of cigarettes, stole a 12-pack of beer, and tried to leave.

Lewis, however, wasn't havin' it; he followed LaFonte out of the store -- gun in hand.

The two men confronted each other at the east end of the store's property, and Lewis shot LaFonte "several times."

LaFonte survived the shooting -- he was taken to the Flagstaff Medical Center, where he underwent surgery and is expected to survive.

Reinhardt says neither of the men have been charged with any crimes -- yet.

He says detectives are in the process of reviewing surveillance footage to determine whether the shooting was self defense. Although, he says, Lewis could potentially be charged with a crime.

LaFonte remains in the hospital. He will likely face charges when he's released, Reinhardt says.

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