Ben Quayle Ad Sparks Almost Funny Parody From Second City "Comedian"

We like to laugh here at New Times, so we were excited to learn that the Chicago-based sketch-comedy troop Second City had released a parody of Ben Quayle's uber-awful campaign ad, in which he claims "Barack Obama is the worst president in history."

The ad sucks. It's tacky, lame, and concludes with Quayle saying he wants to "knock the hell out of Washington."

Click here to see the original ad.

Second City has historically been a feeder for Saturday Night Live (prior to it sucking) and other popular comedy shows, with famous alums like John Belushi, Bill Murray, Chris Farley, and Stephen Colbert -- all very funny dudes.

Andy Cobb, the "comedian" in the Quayle spoof, not so much.

With all the potential fodder -- Quayle's ties to "The Dirty," his lack of experience, etc. -- we thought the comedy troop would knock a parody of one of the lamest political ads we've seen in a while out of the park.

They failed. We didn't even crack a smile.

Rather than coming up with some original material for the skit, Cobb recycles 20-year-old Dan-Quayle's-dumb jokes, followed by a dud of a potato-e bomb.

So, without further ado, here is Second Cities weak attempt at satire. If you're expecting a chuckle...don't.

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