Ben Quayle Has a New TV Ad, and You'll Never Guess What He Says (Yes You Will)

Stop us if you've heard this before, but Congressman Ben Quayle thinks Barack Obama is the "worst president in history."

Quayle's got a new TV ad out in Arizona's Sixth Congressional District ahead of his August primary with fellow Republican Congressman David Schweikert, and sure enough, Quayle's going with his old standby -- sort of.

Two years ago, when Quayle was running for his first term in Congress, he got some folks riled up when he called Obama the "worst president in history" in a TV ad.

In Quayle's new ad, he now (kind of) says Obama's not the worst president in history -- because Quayle simply "overestimated" the man.

Quayle's said this before, but it's now Quayle-approved for your television set.

This isn't really surprising, since the ad apparently didn't hurt Quayle's chances of being elected to Congress the first time, and he sure likes to harp on the President.

You can watch Quayle's 2010 ad below, for comparison's sake:

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