Ben Quayle Holds Lead in Crowded District 3 Primary (UPDATE: Scratch That, Quayle Won)

As of about 30 minutes ago, Ben Quayle holds a 5-point lead over his closest opponent in the crowded District 3 Congressional primary, Steve Moak, with about 80 percent of all precincts reporting.

Quayle leads Moak by about 3,000 votes on a day with a surprisingly low voter turnout.

Vernon Parker and Jim Waring are grappling for the three spot, it appears, with 18 and 17 points, respectively.

Pam Gorman is in single digits.

To avoid a "Dewey Defeats Truman" moment this early in the morning on a Wednesday, we won't call the race for Quayle just yet -- but it's lookin' like it's in the bag. Take that, "Nik Richie."

Unlike many of the candidates in tonight's primary, Quayle didn't have a big bash to either celebrate or commiserate the race. We tried this morning to find out where Quayle's election night hangout would be and were told by the campaign he was spending the night with his family and would maybe stop by Republican Headquarters.

We got word around 10:30 p.m. that Quayle would be stopping by Republican Headquarters, but we were busy at former congressman -- and now former Senate candidate, too -- J.D. Hayworth's election night digs and couldn't make it.

We were told by someone close to the campaign that Quayle wouldn't be giving a speech but wanted to show up to thank his supporters.

Check back in the a.m. for more results.

UPDATE: Shortly after publishing this post the Arizona Republic is reporting that with 100 percent of precincts reporting Ben Quayle has won the District 3 Congressional primary by five points. 

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