Ben Quayle, Jim Waring, and Vernon Parker in Statistical Dead Heat in GOP Congressional Primary, Poll Finds

Ben Quayle, son of former Vice-President Dan Quayle, who made some waves a couple of weeks ago when his father announced his candidacy for Congress on Fox News, is one of three front-runners in the Republican primary for John Shadegg's Congressional seat.

Not bad for a guy who's never voted in a local election

A poll released yesterday from GOP pollsters at the Lincoln Strategy Group puts Quayle, 33, in a statistical dead heat with former state Senator Jim Waring and Paradise Valley Mayor Vernon Parker.

Before Quayle's joining the race, Waring held a double-digit lead over any other candidate in the field.

Now, with Quayle in the mix, Waring's poll numbers have dropped by nearly 30 percent, according to the poll.

Before Quayle entered the race, a Summit Group poll gave Waring 50 percent of the Republican vote, with former state Senator Pam Gorman coming in a distant second with 26 percent.

According to the new poll, Waring still is the leader but with only 17 percent of the vote.

Parker, who in the Summit poll only had seven percent of the vote, now has 16 percent, the latest poll finds.

Quayle comes in with 15 percent of the vote, putting him in third place, but a three percent margin of error makes the race a statistical dead heat between the three candidates.

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