Ben Quayle Picks Up Endorsement From Indiana Congressman Mike Pence

Ben Quayle, son of former Vice President Dan Quayle, and Congressional candidate for the House seat getting vacated by Congressman John Shadegg, picked up the endorsement of Indiana Congressman Mike Pence, the campaign announced last night.

Quayle is one of nearly 10 Congressional hopefuls in a crowded field of GOPers seeking the seat, but according to the latest polls, he is in a three-way, statistical dead heat with Paradise Valley Mayor Vernon Parker and former state Senator Jim Waring.

"I am excited to support Ben's candidacy for the Third Congressional District of Arizona. He is clearly a conservative who can lead the next generation in Washington," Pence says of Quayle.

We're not sure what's so clear -- Quayle has never held elected office and said a few weeks ago that the reason he stands out from the other candidates is because his last name provides him with a "bigger microphone."

Back in the Hoosier State, Pence was considering running against Senator Evan Bayh for the U.S. Senate. Despite leading Bayh by three points in the polls, Pence declined to run, citing his role in the Republican leadership as his reason to stay in the House.

Pence is also on a long list of possible 2012 presidential candidates.

It's a kind of so-what endorsement, since the well-heeled Quayle family hails from Indiana, where daddy Dan was a U.S. senator before becoming fice president under the first George Bush. Pence and the Quayles, no doubt, travel in the same circles.

Pence will be stumping for Quayle in Phoenix this afternoon. For more information click here.

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