Ben Quayle
Ben Quayle

Ben Quayle Releases New Campaign Ad. Slightly More Subtle Than Calling Obama "The Worst President in History"

The same day Ben Quayle's Democratic opponent in the District Three Congressional race, Jon Hulburd, rolled out his latest attack ad, Quayle's released an ad of his own.

It's not likely to make as much noise in the blogosphere as his last corny ad, where he called Barack Obama "the worst president in history," and announced he wanted to "knock the hell" out of Washington D.C., but the two ads are telling signs of the state of each campaign.

Check out both ads, back-to-back, after the jump.

As you can see in Quayle's ad, he doesn't even mention Hulburd, because, frankly, why bother. He's not running against Hulburd, he's running against himself and criticism that he's immature and inexperienced.

Hulburd went a different direction. As you can see in Hulburd's ad, he's more interested in recycling negative, anti-Quayle talking points we've been listening to for months.

Compare and contrast, voters. You're going to polls in just over a month.

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