Ben Quayle Stands by Uber-Lame Campaign Ad

Congressional candidate Ben Quayle isn't backing off his claim that Barack Obama is the worst president in history -- as made public in one of the lamest political ads to come out of this election season.

In the ad, Quayle opens by saying "Barack Obama is the worst president in history." A stern Quayle concludes by saying somebody needs to "knock the hell" out of Washington. Regardless of your political affiliation, the lame-o tone of the entire ad makes it hard to watch.

In case you missed it, you can check out the ad here.

Needless to say, Democrats were pretty pissed to hear Quayle's criticism of -- in the words of Sean Hannity -- "The Anointed One," and fired back at the 33-year-old candidate.

"The son of the worst vice president ever may think he has some wisdom on the job performance of political leaders, but if he thinks a president whose actions have saved the country from a second Great Depression, reformed a broken health care system and protected consumers from the risk and greed of Wall Street merits such mention, his analysis is only slightly less ridiculous than his candidacy for public office is," Brad Woodhouse, spokesman for the Democratic National Committee, told CNN last week.

Quayle, however, isn't backing off his assertion that Obama's the worst.

"This is not a claim that I make lightly nor is it something that I am happy to make.  The Democratic National Committee has obviously chosen to respond to my commentary on
Barack Obama because it knows my statement reflects the views of millions of Americans," Quayle says. "And its shrill attack on my family reflects more of the same venality and stupidity for which Washington is now famous."

Say what you will about Obama, but given the ad's over-the-top level of corniness, Quayle -- at the very least -- owes anyone who saw it 30 seconds of their life back.

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