Ben Quayle's Still in Congress, Still Thinks Obama Sucks

Although he was defeated in the primary election, Congressman Ben Quayle still has a few months left in Congress.

After keeping quiet for a while after his loss in the primary, Quayle's back in mid-season form with a reminder that he still thinks President Obama's doing a crap job.

Here's what we got from him late last week, after the monthly unemployment report came out:

"We keep hearing from this President that the robust economic recovery he promised is right around the corner; that we just need to be patient. Yet again, however, we have a jobs report that came in below expectations, and yet again the unemployment rate only dropped as a result of hundreds of thousands of frustrated workers leaving the workforce.

"This President's economic policies are an utter failure by any reasonable measure. The President must change course right away. Millions of unemployed Americans should not continue to suffer because of his stubborn adherence to failed policy."

After that one, two people announced on the Arizona GOP Facebook page that they plan to write-in Quayle's name instead of voting for Congressman David Schweikert in his reelection bid.

Still, since Quayle's reminder last week that he still thinks Obama's awful, he's probably been the most vocal Republican congressman from Arizona, which is either admirable or pathetic, depending on how you look at it.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.