Best Reader Caption For Photo of Badass Police Jeep and Gun-Squatting Deputy?

Last week, we asked our readers to offer suggestions for a caption for the above photo we stumbled upon of a cool-looking off-road machine and a bored deputy, who evidently has too much time on his hands, for this week's New Times' You Write the Caption contest.

Once again, you didn't disappoint.

We had nearly 80 responses in the comment section of the post, which you can see by clicking here.

We've narrowed it down to five finalists, but only one can win the grand prize: a pay-your-own-way trip to the historic New Times building, a firm handshake, and a lukewarm glass of Phoenix's municipal tap water.

The finalists are as follows:

A) Andrew Thom Ass with: *From Joel Fox behind the camera:  "Ok, that's great!  Now let's
get some without the pants."   *Click*  "You're a bad girl..." *Click* 
"Great!"  *Click*  "Oh yeah, that's hot...." *Click*  "This will look
great in my locker."  *Click* *Click* *Click* *WHHHHHHRRRRLLLLLL* 
"And.... I'm spent."

B) Billy Bud with: "Don't shoot!  The keys are in it!!"

C) Phoenix Justice with "What do you mean this isn't an appropriate use of taxpayer monies?"

D) FormerRepublican with "Half the people working for the MCSO are dying to be discovered and the other half are afraid they will be."

E) Andrew Thom Ass with "No! Please Ms. Aubuchon!  Put your robe back on!  I SURRENDER!!!!"

Cast your vote below

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