Best Reader Caption for Russell Pearce and a Baby?

On Friday, we asked readers to write the caption for the above photo of ousted state Senate President Russell Pearce -- who's actually trying to get elected again -- with some baby.

After sifting through all the responses -- as usual, some of them more politically correct than others -- we've narrowed it down to five finalists.

Only one person will win the pay-your-own-way trip to the historic New Times building, along with a firm handshake and/or high-five, and deciding that winner is up to you.

A) LD25 and not voting for Russ

Diapers or Depends, we're both full of it.

B) scobob

I'm sorry son you can't grow up to be the first President of the Arizona Senate to be recalled, but I might be able to get you a job at the DMV.

C) Nicholsdaves

Now kid if I agree to pay you to run as a "Sham" Candidate, are you sure you can keep your mouth shut if the Rigging/Manipulating is discovered?

D) Proud to be an American

This is a good promo picture (Pierce laughing) do you think the idiots of Arizona will elect me again? Next time I want a pose with one of those "brown" kids so they can love me even more. Idiots!

E) LD19 Resident

A typical Russ TV ad:

"Hi. I'm Russell Pearce. During my time as a state legislator, I took $40,000 in trips from the Fiesta Bowl, then lied about reimbursement, then said I would find the cancelled checks, which I never did."

"I also cut education to the bone, despite a state Constitutional requirement that education be as nearly free as possible."

"I cut healthcare to the bone, despite the 8.2% unemployment rate and more people depending on government aid."

"I gave $532 million in tax cuts to big corporations, despite the 8.2% unemployment rate currently facing Arizonans."

"I passed BS1070, a racist, Nuremberg-style law that terrorizes Latinos because I hate Hispanics and especially their children."

"I tried to nullify federal law and also attempted to reinterpret the birthright citizenship clause of the 14th Amendment, despite a 114 year old U.S. Supreme Court ruling to the contrary."

"I tried to pass immigration-omnibus bills that would have created a police state for Latinos. They were rejected."

"I banned citizens from the state Senate building because they protested the BS immigration omnibus bills that were later rejected."

"I was recalled, then booted out of office due to criminal abuse of power acts."

Is this somebody you want representing you in state government? I know I don't.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.