Betsy Schneider at Phoenix Public Library

Betsy Schneider is back. This summer, Schneider (a photography professor at Arizona State University) showed her work at The Kitchenette, a small photo collective on Roosevelt Row. An entire wall of the gallery was devoted to dozens of images of Schneider's daughter Madeleine, in various states of undress over the course of her 10 years. The show and the work -- which provoked controversy when it was shown several years ago in London, and a few protestors in Phoenix this year -- were the topic of a New Times cover story and online slideshow.

This month Schneider is showing at the Phoenix Public Library, 1221 N. Central Avenue, in the @Central Gallery. The show, "Scenes," will be on view til December 29, with a First Friday reception December 5 from 7 to 10 p.m.

"The work has a few of the naked pictures," Schneider wrote when asked about the show, "but I decided against...more explicit images because it is after all the library."

There are undertones of adolescence and other big issues, she added, but "in general these are more random and intuitive images made of my children as they dress up, swim, play, travel and make their way in the world."

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Jonathan McNamara