Bill Clinton To Rally for Rich Carmona in Tempe

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A political superstar and one in the making are on the bill this Wednesday, 8 p.m., at ASU's Sun Devil Performance Lawn. That's when former President Bill Clinton will be in Tempe to stump for fellow Democrat and U.S. Senate candidate Rich Carmona.

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Remember the '90s under Clinton? Eight years of peace and prosperity. And all the Rs had to kvetch about was Monica Lewinsky.

Bubba's still a rockstar. His speech at the Democratic National Convention in September being exhibit numero uno. If he could run again, you know he'd win a third term. And the tuskers would just have to go pound sand.

Like they're going to do when Mittens loses, BTW.

Thing is, GOPers here in the Grand Canyon State may have a lot more to worry about come November 6. Nah, Obama ain't gonna turn the state blue. (Unless a landslide's on tap.) But Rs may lose a Senate seat, as one recent poll shows Carmona ahead of Republican golden boy Jeff Flake by 2 points.

Flake finally caved and agreed to three one-hour debates with Carmona. The first will be broadcast live on Channel 8 at 5 p.m. , the same day as the Clinton rally.

If Carmona trounces Flake on Election Day, it will signal a historic shift in Arizona politics, one where Latinos exercise their growing political muscle on behalf of the Ds.

Yes, Carmona is of Puerto Rican descent, and not Mexican-American. But close enough. More importantly, he supports comprehensive immigration reform and the DREAM Act.

Arizona GOPers, on the other hand, have embraced nativism to their doom. The simple fact that two-time loser and former state Senate President Russell Pearce is the first vice chair of the state Republican Party is emblematic of where the Arizona GOP stands, despite many in the ranks who do not go along with such bigotry and xenophobia.

Remember when pundits used to talk about a GOP lock on the White House? I do.

I wouldn't label Flake one of the haters, but, like onetime-maverick U.S. Senator John McCain, he's had to kowtow to the nativists at a time when more people are worried about the economy than immigration.

Various Latino groups have been engaged in a massive voter registration effort all across the state. Tuesday at midnight is the deadline for turning in registration forms, and early voting begins October 11.

Clinton's visit is the beginning of an equally massive get-out-the-vote campaign, one with the potential to help all Dems.

The folks pushing the open-primary/top two initiative have been billing it as a way to rid the state of our nutbar politicos. But about 99.9 percent of those nutbar politicos just happen to GOPers.

I'm not saying that Ds are perfect, but it just so happens that we're operating in a one-party state. And the Arizona model has been a recipe for corruption and insanity. A stronger Democratic Party in this state will severely dilute that insanity.

Arizona could turn a corner this year, should Carmona and others on the D-side prevail.

Remember Clinton's campaign theme song from 1992, Fleetwood Mac's "Don't Stop Thinkin' About Tomorrow"?

Don't stop...it'll soon be here.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.