Bill Louis, Good Cop, Retires From El Mirage PD

We don't make it a habit of commenting on the retirement of cops--or anyone else short of Arizona Cardinals' quarterback Kurt Warner (Kurt, come back!!)


But what the hell, Bill Louis, who retired on Friday as assistant chief out in El Mirage, deserves a little love after 33 years in the fuzz biz.

We met Chief Louis when he was a commander at the Phoenix Police Department, where he toiled for more than two decades.

We found him to be professional, courteous and helpful even when we occasionally poked around dark corners that he may not have appreciated.

Louis joined Mike Frazier, his longtime colleague at PPD, over at the El Mirage Police Department, in late 2007 when Frazier--another first-rate pro--assumed the helm at the then-beleaguered agency.

The reputation of the El Mirage PD has improved exponentially in the past few years, thanks largely to how the agency's new leadership has turned things around.


That's no mirage.

We have no idea what Bill Louis is going to do now that he's done being a cop--haven't spoken to him in quite awhile.

But we do appreciate his service, and wish him all the best.

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Paul Rubin
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