Bill Montgomery Announces His Plans for "National Get High Day" -- Free Drug Tests!

Maricopa County Attorney Bill the Buzzkill Montgomery announced today that he's trying to help try to prevent kids from getting stoned out of their minds on April 20 -- "420," as it's known to those with red eyes and the munchies.

The date has been described as a "counterculture holiday," in which fans of marijuana toke up in celebration, or protest, or something like that, man.

Montgomery, staying consistent with his morality policing (see: porn actors "may be guilty of...prostitution."), announced that he'll be joining others on April 19 to "help raise awareness about the dangers of experimenting with illegal drugs" in advance of the 20th, referred to as "National Get High Day."

That event will include free drug tests to parents thanks to First Check and notMYkid, a combo you may remember from Steve Moak's 2010 congressional bid.

The reason we mention this is because of some of the particular methods described in notMYkid's "420" drug-prevention plan.

Example: "NotMYkid recommends in-home drug testing NO LATER than age 12 (remember, 13 is the average age kids begin experimentation)."

Example 2: If the kid refuses to take the test, "we recommend treating that as a 'positive' test."

Montgomery's not a big of drug use, either -- that can be seen in this hour-long debate on the drug war between Montgomery and attorney Marc Victor.

While he was just a candidate for his current office, Montgomery also spoke on behalf of Keep AZ Drug Free -- and in opposition of the state's medical-marijuana proposition -- scoffing at the medical conditions for which a patient could qualify for medical marijuana.

Still, if you're on the anti-marijuana train and want to drug test your children, show up at Rural/Metro's Southwest Ambulance Mesa headquarters at 1 p.m. tomorrow.

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