Bill Montgomery Declares War on Medical-Marijuana Law; Craves Arrests of Patients, Caregivers and Dispensary Operators

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Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery understands that voters passed a law legalizing medical marijuana in Arizona, but he still wants to bust patients, caregivers and dispensary operators.

Montgomery said this week that his interpretation of the Arizona Medical Marijuana Act is that anyone growing marijuana, whether or not they are registered with the state, can be prosecuted. Likewise with people selling marijuana, such as the operators of a dispensary. The Republican county attorney also believes the Arizona Legislature can legally ban all abortions, despite Roe. V. Wade.

In an interview on KFYI (550 AM) this morning, Montgomery said "federal law" so often, it sounded like a mantra. He can't simply squash the rights of state voters like he wants, though -- a state court has to agree with his interpretation.

As we mentioned on Monday, after state Attorney General Tom Horne issued an opinion that much of the voter-approved law conflicts with federal law, Montgomery is hoping the case of a would-be Sun City dispensary will be the "dam" that blocks up the pot program.

"I'm drawing a line," Montgomery said. "If people don't want me to draw that line, they need to choose somebody else."

But choices are limited. The Democratic Party didn't put up an opponent this year against Montgomery, a staunch, yet hypocritical, supporter of Sheriff Joe Arpaio and the Tea Party. He'll be facing only Libertarian Michael Kielsky in the general election.

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