Bill Montgomery

Bill Montgomery Joins the Morality Cops in Hating on Strippers

If you really trust your local politicians (again, we'll pause for laughter), then they're really serious about hating on strippers.

The lobbyists at the Center for Arizona Policy released more local candidates' answers to their questionnaires for this year's elections, including county and city offices, and Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery gave the most Bill Montgomery answers you could expect.

Weed -- no. Strippers -- no. Porn -- no. Supporting the gays -- no. Putting religious content on government property -- yes.

In addition to the scores of current or wannabe lawmakers who support "[p]rohibiting touching or tipping dancers and fully nude performances in sexually oriented businesses," Montgomery said he supports it too.

Montgomery also supports "[e]nforcing existing laws vigorously against the sale and distribution of obscene materials."

That one's a gimme, since Montgomery publicly warned porn actors that they may be guilty of prostitution.

In a symbolic middle-finger to the wishes of Arizona voters, Montgomery circled that he supports regulating hours and locations of medical marijuana dispensaries, but just had to write in "But oppose all operations in general."

On the other hand, it's refreshing to see Libertarian candidate Michael Kielsky turned in the survey.

He opposes the stripper-tipping ban and porno prosecution.

In fact, he writes, "[I] oppose all restrictions on freedom of speech; oppose censorship."

He didn't even answer a question about whether he supports providing tax breaks to certain industries over others.

"Support all tax breaks, taxation is theft," he wrote.

To reuse a couple lines Kielsky told New Times in 2010, "Bill Montgomery would make a great neighbor, but I don't want him as my county attorney. He thinks it's OK to use the power of government to punish people for things he feels are immoral."

You can check out all the county candidates' surveys here, and you can see Montgomery's below:

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