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Bill Montgomery's Islamaphobe Calls Local Reporters "Collaborators" Who Defend "Stealth Jihadis"

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Before Guandolo arrived, he labeled four local Muslim leaders on his blog as being representatives of either Hamas or the Muslim Brotherhood, and said that the ACLU should face a federal indictment for "providing material support or resources" to a terrorist organization.

Which, as anyone can tell by looking at the statute in question, is plainly ludicrous.

Monty got Guandolo to take the blog down, but since then, some local Muslims say they've been the victims of obscene phone calls and threats as a result of Guandolo's smear tactics.

Following the September 19 training session, Guandolo unloaded verbal ammo on the press and on a handful of non-Muslim religious leaders, who had signed a letter critical of the training.

Resnik and Garcia were smeared as "collaborators," because they didn't pucker up to Guandolo's tuchis.

The non-Muslim religious leaders had their faith and intelligence questioned by Guandolo, who claimed they "stand with jihadis," even though one of the religious leaders is a rabbi.

What, is the guy gonna do a jihad on himself?

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