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Billionaires for Wealthcare Befuddle Far Right Wackjobs On Healthcare Reform

The billionaires join ranks with the Obama-haters in this new Dennis Gilman video.

In the tradition of Michael Moore and the stunts he regularly pulled in his TV show The Awful Truth (and continues to pull in his films), come the Billionaires for Wealthcare, a crew of wannabe-Warren Buffets who crashed the anti-healthcare reform Tea Bag party outside Congressman Harry Mitchell's Scottsdale office back on August 8.

Dressed in top hats and tails and arriving in a white stretch limo, these rascally robber barons received ovations from many of the alter kocker Obama-haters present, though others were not sure of what to make of the billionaires' cries of "Abolish the VA, it's socialist medicine," and, "Privatize the government, that's what I say." 

The billionaires' signs too, made their points well. "Survival of the Richest," read one. "Vote NO on Reform, Sick People Make Me Rich," read another. Then there's my fave, "Privatize Medicare Now." Indeed, if these crazy old coots and cootettes are really against socialized medicine, then they should be all for sending the Medicare program off to the dustbin of history, pronto. Same for the VA, eh?

Though the video by Dennis Gilman is a tad longer than his usual productions, it's well worth it for the vignettes of insanity you get to watch. Take the red-faced woman who says, a la Howard Beale, "I'm mad as hell, and I'm not taking it any more," only to turn on Gilman's camera and yell, "I'm not crazy!" Sorry, lady, but once you claim you ain't crazy, you've just made the case for you wearing a button up blouse with wraparound sleeves.

Also, you've gotta love the billionaire who announces that, "If god loved the poor people, he wouldn't let them get sick." Heh. Or there's the billionaire who explains to one unsuspecting soccer mom-ish woman that he wants to privatize the cops and the fire department, too.

"Because if my cat's stuck in a tree, " he tells the woman. "I don't want the fire department taking ten extra minutes because there's a silly fire going on somewhere else."

The soccer mom wasn't so sure about that one.

Great job, billionaires. In fact, it was such a success, you should appear at every future town hall in Arizona on this subject. Aside from confusing the heck out of the folks you're satirizing, you'll give the few non-crazies present something to chuckle about.

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