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"Birther Bill" Fails in Senate Judiciary Committee. Score One for Sanity

We are happy to report that the "Birther Bill" has failed in the state Legislature -- yet again.

Jeanette Tejeda de Gomez, spokeswoman for state Senate Democrats, confirms to New Times that the "Birther Bill," proposed by numb-Skull Valley Republican Judy Burges, has failed in the Senate Judiciary Committee, thus sparing Arizona any further humiliation.

The bill, as you may recall, would have required anyone who wants to run for president or vice-president to prove their U.S. citizenship before their name's allowed on the ballot in Arizona -- even though it happens to already be a federal requirement to land either job.

The problem with the bill (aside from it already being a federal law), as we've mentioned in other posts, is that it seems to be in direct response to the repeatedly debunked controversy over President Barack Obama's citizenship and the right-wing conspiracy theorist "birther" movement. Birthers, as you know, are tin-foil-helmet-wearing whack-jobs, so the bill didn't do much to help the state's already bad rep.

Senator Kyrsten Sinema said it best in a Twitter post this afternoon -- she calls the bill's failure a "Small measure of redemption for my great state."

While Jan Brewer's still running the entire state, we suppose we'll have to celebrate every little victory we can get.

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