"Birther" Nutjobs Seek Donations to Fund Joe Arpaio's "Investigation" Into Whether Barack Obama is Eligible to Be President

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio's humiliating "Birther" investigation apparently has hit a snag in the funding department.

According to Arpaio, the "investigation" is being funded by donations to his "Birther" posse, and not with taxpayer money (which is a huge relief). However, the money, it seems, has dried up -- with, by Arpaio's estimate, only a few more weeks of work to do.

"Sheriff Joe Arpaio's 'Cold Case Posse' could easily be derailed for lack of financial support coupled with attacks being launched against his office by Obama's Justice Department," Birther conspiracy theorist Joseph Farah wrote on the conspiracy website World Net Daily yesterday.

According to Farah, "time is truly running out" for the Birthers to prove once and for all that Obama is a Kenyan version of the Manchurian Candidate.

We spoke with the sheriff about the investigation earlier this year. See that post here.

In a nut-(job)-shell, Arpaio seems to think the key to solving the "Birther" mystery is Hawaiian twins and microfiche.

"No one has talked about microfiche. The controversy has been over the birth certificate -- maybe the numbers are not in sequence, or it's been forged; I can go on and on," Arpaio (umm) explains. "To help the president of the United States, let's go to the microfiche."

According to the sheriff, two twins -- the Nordyke twins -- were born on August 5, 1961 at the same hospital as the president. August 5, 1961, is one day after President Obama was (allegedly -- if you ask a "birther") born in Hawaii. The twins' birth certificates can be found on microfiche documents that the sheriff says are on file with the Hawaii Department of Health, or some Hawaiian government agency.

If Obama was born in the same hospital the day before the twins, according to the sheriff, the posse should be able to locate the president's birth certificate on similar microfiche files.

The sheriff says his "posse" will finish the "investigation" in early 2012, and that a detailed report about its findings will follow.

But that might not happen without your support -- Farah suggests that anyone who wants to the "truth" about Obama's citizenship should donate $5 to Arpaio's posse.

If you want Arpaio to get to the bottom of the Obama "Birther" issue, or you just feel like pissing away five bucks, click here.

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