Feathered Bastard

Blue Babies: Police Chief Danny Garcia Was Right about Cop Union PLEA, Which Is Why He's Gone

Former Phoenix Police Chief Danny Garcia fought the law, and the law won. And too often, the law in this town is spelled P-L-E-A, the acronym for the Phoenix Law Enforcement Association, the union that "represents" around 2,600 rank-and-file Phoenix cops.

I write "represents" in quotation marks because, though PLEA is required by city ordinance to be the bargaining unit for all Phoenix officers below the rank of sergeant, only about 2,000 are dues-paying members.

Even fewer bother to vote in PLEA's leadership elections. According to PLEA's own website, just "253 valid ballots" were counted in the 2013 PLEA election of officers, which included current president, the ever-dyspeptic Joe Clure.

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