"Blue Basket Bandit" Strikes Again! Makeup Thief Resurfaces to Loot Chandler Drug Store

He's baaack!

The Chandler makeup thief known to Chandler cops as "the blue basket bandit" has struck again, after being dormant for nearly six months.

For the last 2 1/2 years, an unknown man has been stealing makeup and other cosmetics from Walgreens drug stores in Chandler and neighboring cities.

In August, the Chandler Police Department asked for the public's help in identifying the man but got no viable leads.

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According to Chandler police, since asking for the public's help back in August, the thefts stopped -- until now.

On Monday, Chandler police say the "bandit" struck again, this time at the Walgreens at 4949 West Chandler Boulevard.

The bandit's M.O. is simple. He walks into a store, grabs a blue basket, and proceeds to the cosmetics section where he swipes various cosmetics by sweeping them into the basket with his arm. He then removes a Walgreens plastic bag from his pocket and transfers the
cosmetics to the bag. The suspect then walks out the front door without paying.

If it's any consolation, he doesn't steal the basket.

Each theft is valued between $300 and $700 and his total thefts are valued at more than $10,000.

Police say he changes his appearance for many of the thefts and often leaves in different cars -- some with the license plate removed.

In his latest heist, police say he appears to have lost some weight and acquired some grey hair. Perhaps during his next heist he should consider holding off on the eyeliner and make
a stop in the Just for Men aisle.

Police describe the "bandit" as about 5-foot-7 with a medium build. Check out the above photo.

The Chandler Police Department encourages anyone with information about this case to call 480-782-4130 or Detective Preston Pierce at 480-782-4335.

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