Blue Boy Video: See the Creation of the African-American Face That Was Too Much for an Arizona Town

Thanks to New Times Web Editor Jonathan McNamara, you can now watch Phoenix muralist Francisco Garcia creating the Blue Boy image that so freaked out the little town of Pine-Strawberry, Arizona, that he was ordered to take it down and replace it with the image of a cabin. McNamara squeezed four hours of video into about a two minutes, so it's an easy watch.

Francisco Garcia Paints "Blue Boy" from Jonathan McNamara on Vimeo.

Garcia's mural, of which the Blue Boy was just a part, is the subject of an item in my Bird column this week. School officials insist the move was not racist. But statements they made in e-mails to Garcia reveal that race and ethnicity were issues in the decision for the school, which only has one African-American kid, and a few Latino children.

You can check out more of Garcia's work at his Myspace page He's a talented cat, and he tells me that he's planning to make prints of the Blue Boy image to sell online. Hey, why not T-shirts, with slogan like, "Too blue for Pine," or "Censored in Strawberry"?

I'll post some of the other images from the mural shortly.

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