Board Agrees With City of Phoenix: Church Must Stop Feeding Hobos

A Phoenix church was ordered again to stop feeding homeless people.

After a lengthy discussion in the city of Phoenix's Board of Adjustments yesterday, the board agreed with the city's earlier decision to force the Cross Roads Methodist Church to stop offering meals to the homeless.

Since 2008, Reverend Dottie Escobedo-Frank has been busing in homeless to attend worship services at the church and feeding them. As you may imagine, neighbors weren't too thrilled.

The decision to order the church to stop dishing out grub to bums was originally made because the church is too close to a residential area.

"I woke up one Saturday morning, just as all of you," neighbor Kevin Swatich says at yesterday's meeting, "Only to find out I had someone living on my property close to six weeks."

In our humble opinion, if it takes you six weeks to realize a hobo is living on your lawn, said hobo is now your tenant. However, when Swatich found a stash of alleged kiddy porn hidden in an electric box on his property -- we agree -- it was grounds for a hobo eviction notice.

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