Bob Stump "Confident" of Victory, Preparing for Possible Legal Battle With Opponent Sam George

By Ray Stern

State election updates this morning show Republican Bob Stump still leading Democrat Sam George in their close finish for the one remaining open seat on the Arizona Corporation Commission.

Stump's advantage shrunk slightly since Tuesday's count. He's now ahead of George 849,151 votes to 846,445, a difference of 2,706.

Stump, an outgoing District 9 state representative from Peoria, wrote in an e-mail to New Times this morning that because so many of the uncounted votes from Tuesday's election were in Maricopa County, he is "feeling confident."

Indeed, looking strictly at Maricopa County tallies (which were last updated on Monday), George is not only lagging behind Stump by nearly 40,000 votes, but he's the lowest vote-getter of the six people who ran for the Corporation commission's three open seats. It seems likely that George, formerly known as Sam Vagenas, will be left in the dust as more Maricopa votes get counted.

It sounds like Stump is preparing for World War III if he wins and George tries some kind of post-election offensive.

"I am aware of Mr. George's history. I have a team in place, and we are ready."

Election officials still have a few more days left to count votes. The state's official results come out on December 1.

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