Border Patrol Agent Who Said He Was "F***ed" After Being Caught Smuggling Weed Was Right, Will Go to Prison

Border Patrol Agent Aaron Anaya, who said he was "fucked" after getting caught smuggling about 147 pounds of marijuana into the United States while on the job, was more or less correct in his assessment.

Anaya signed a plea agreement today that will send him to prison for five years.

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The FBI's "Southwest Border Corruption Task Force" was patrolling the border between the cities of Yuma and Wellton around 7:30 p.m. on December 2 when agents saw three people on the Mexico side of the border climb the fence, and passed "large bales" over the fence, onto the U.S. side, according to federal court filings.

According to court paperwork, the recipient of those bales was someone driving a United States Border Patrol vehicle, who placed the packages in the back of that vehicle.

The complaint notes that none of the three people handing off the weed from the Mexico side ever stepped onto U.S. soil.

The agents kept an eye on the Border Patrol vehicle for a few hours, and also monitored the Border Patrol's radio frequency -- in which there was no mention of any large bales being picked up.

Just shy of 11 p.m., the agents detained the driver of that Border Patrol vehicle -- Agent Anaya -- and searched through his vehicle. Sure enough, the complaint says this says there were six cellophane-wrapped bales full of a "green leafy substance" that, believe it or not, turned out to be marijuana.

The total haul was 146.9 pounds, according to the federal complaint against Anaya.

Agents asked Anaya if he would be willing to speak to them without an attorney present, and Anaya's only comment was, "I'm fucked, you guys got me on video."

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