Boston Marathon Explosions: 259 Arizonans Entered the Race, 186 Finished

There are varying counts of people dead and injured from the explosions Monday afternoon at the finish line of the Boston Marathon, but the updated count from a police spokeswoman was three people dead, and more than 170 injured.

Of the 26,839 people entered in the race, 259 of them are from Arizona. One of those Arizonans crossed the finish line 23 seconds after the explosions, which means she couldn't have been too far from the actual devices, which were actually a little bit before the finish line but off to the side of the actual course.

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Taking a look at the race results, we can see that 12 of the racers from Arizona actually finished after the explosions.

Those same results show that 36 Arizonans started the race but didn't finish. Only one of those people finished less than half of the race.

The rest of the registered racers from Arizona weren't tracked at all, most likely meaning that they didn't race at all.

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