Boy, 14, Tells Cops He Was Nearly Abducted -- Which He Wasn't

A 14-year-old Pinal County boy told police someone tried to abduct him last month. The only problem with that is it never happened.

After telling his brave tale of escape to authorities about three weeks ago, the Pinal County Sheriff's Office now says the boy's admitted to making the whole thing up.

Last month, the unidentified boy told police he was walking home from a friend's house near Charbray and Busa Roads in San Tan Valley, when a a man in a white cargo van pulled up next to him asking if he needed a ride.

The boy told police he said no and kept walking, but the man in the van continued to pester him about giving him a ride.

Ready for some bravery?

The boy then said the man jumped out of the van and charged at him. The 14-year-old, however, kicked the man in the abdomen, punched him in the face, and ran back to his friends house.

The kicks, the punches, the white van -- we now know -- were all made up.

In an interview with police yesterday, the boy finally admitted to concocting the whole story in order to get some attention from his friends.

Because of the large amount of media attention the faux-abduction received -- and the panic it created -- the PCSO is considering submitting the case to juvenile court for a potential charge of false reporting.

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