Brandon McCabe
Brandon McCabe
Arizona Department of Corrections

Brandon McCabe ID'd as Suspect in Shooting of Phoenix Cop Pete Bennett

The man accused of shooting Phoenix police Officer Pete Bennett six times Sunday night has been identified as 28-year-old Brandon McCabe.

McCabe, whose name was withheld until he was released from the hospital, is pictured in the photo to the right, in a prison jumpsuit.

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McCabe was just released from prison in February 2012, after serving nearly five years for two felony theft charges, one including a vehicle.

About 8:30 p.m. on Sunday, McCabe was approached by Phoenix cop Pete Bennett, who thought McCabe was engaging in "suspicious activity" while riding a bike near 21st and Georgia avenues.

Police Chief Daniel Garcia said Monday that their suspect, now identified as McCabe, ended up running from Bennett, who chased McCabe for a bit before McCabe fell over. At that point, McCabe pulled out a handgun and started shooting at Bennett, Garcia said.

Three rounds went into Bennett's body -- one in the cheek, one in the thigh, and one in the arm -- while two were stopped by Bennett's bulletproof vest, and another was stopped by index cards Bennett was carrying in his chest pocket.

Bennett also fired back -- getting off between seven and 10 shots, according to police Sergeant Trent Crump -- and hit the suspect at least two times.

Garcia didn't get too detailed about why Bennett approached McCabe, other than for "suspicious activity," as the chief said the area is a "high-profile enforcement area," where robberies and assaults are more common.

Yesterday evening, police Sergeant Trent Crump sent an e-mail to media stating that Bennett was out of surgery, and is now in recovery.

"The surgery went as expected but he has a long recovery in front of him," Crump says.

McCabe's facing charges of attempted murder and misconduct involving weapons.


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