Brewer Expected to Announce Candidacy For Full Term Tonight

We're sure the anticipation has been killing you, but the word around the water cooler is that Governor Jan is expected to announce her candidacy for a full term as governor tonight.

The Arizona Guardian got the scoop yesterday that at dinner tonight for Westmarc, a West Valley business organization, the unelected governor will announce her candidacy.

Brewer has been keeping us on, um, pins and needles for the past month, only saying that she was "leaning" towards a run.

Brewer, who just over a month ago was the most unpopular politician within her own party -- in the entire country -- is going to have some work to do if she even wants to get the nomination.

The "intellectually bankrupt" governor, as Brewer's been called, will have to beat out the likes of rookie politician and Paradise Valley Mayor Vernon Parker, as well as Tucson businessman John Munger and Arizona Treasurer Dean Martin.

Then it's on to the big show -- the general election -- where Brewer, if she gets the nod, will most likely square off with Attorney General Terry Goddard, who despite being the antithesis of charm and charisma (not to mention a wuss when it comes to taking a stand on just about any pivotal issue) is the expected Democratic candidate. 



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