Brewer Gives $1.7 Million in Stimulus Money to Fix Coliseum Roof so State Fair Events Can Go On

Governor Jan Brewer announced that she's releasing money from the state's Fiscal Stabilization Government Services Fund to finish repairs on the saddle-shaped roof of the Veterans Memorial Coliseum.

Brewer says in a press release that she's pledged $1.7 million of the state's money to make sure the roof is fixed before the start of the fair on October 16.

"Saving the State Fair has prevented a significant loss to Arizona's economy, as well as avoided another hit to Arizona's budget," Brewer says in a statement. "Awarding the stimulus money to complete the much needed repairs to the facility will not only save revenue, but will ensure the 125-year tradition of celebrating Arizona industry and heritage at the State Fair will continue."

Brewer says the fair generally brings in about $50 million in economic activity annually and that without repairs to the roof, the fair risks losing big-name performers like Bob Dylan and Stone Temple Pilots.

Dylan turned down playing at Woodstock but accepts top billing at the Arizona State Fair? Times must really be changin'.

According to fair officials, anyone looking forward to watching a withered Bob Dylan croak his way through "Blowin' in the Wind," or looking for track marks on the arms STP's Scott Weiland, shouldn't worry. Fair officials tell New Times that repair crews have been at it for weeks and "should be done way before the fair opens."

Considering the roof isn't fixed yet, and the fair opens Friday, let's hope they know what "way before" actually means.

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