Brewer Signs One of Seven Budget Bills; DPS Wont Have to Hang Up Their Tasers, After All

Governor Jan Brewer signed one of seven budget bills Thursday that provides the funding for the Department of Public Safety.

It's about freakin' time!

DPS was on the verge of a financial freak-out as its cash flow was drying up, and it wasn't sure if its 2,200 employees would even get paid this week.

The department was even discussing layoffs as early as next week if the Governor and the Legislature couldn't agree on a budget.

Thankfully, Brewer swallowed some executive pride and signed off on the roughly $100 million DPS section of the budget.

This raises the more important question that the Governor may have overlooked: Where the hell is the money coming from?

The reason we're in this mess in the first place is because, in case you forgot, there is a pesky $3 billion budget gap that nobody can agree how to close.

Brewer can sign bills until her hand falls off, but unless she can find a hat to magically pull $3 billion out of, we're still screwed.


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