Brewer's Office Says No Particular Reason for Delay in Announcing New State Forester

Governor Jan Brewer announced in a news release yesterday that she had appointed a new State Forester, but that was actually month-old news.

As Valley Fever reported, State Forester Vicki Christiansen had already been on the job for a few weeks, even testifying before Congress in her new capacity. We called Brewer's office on Monday to find out what had happened, and spokeswoman Kim Sabow called us back at about 5 p.m. today.

It turns out Christiansen has been State Forester since March 2.

Asked why the announcement took so long, Sabow tells New Times: "That's when we were ready to make it."

Fair enough. The governor's public information staff certainly has been busy in recent weeks. But, we wondered, how many other appointments have been made, but not yet announced?

"I think this is probably the only one," Sabow says.

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