Brocked Up: Supervisor Fulton Brock Attempted to Cover Up the Sexual Liaisons Between His Wife, Daughter and a Teenage Boy

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Despite Beth Anne's apparent friendship with Quinn, it was her older sister who was the first Brock with whom he had a sexual relationship.

During a July 2007 family trip to California, Rachel Brock and Quinn were under a blanket together on the beach. Quinn felt Rachel's breasts as she gave him a "hand job," Quinn told Chandler police.

About a month later, Rachel performed oral sex on Quinn as the two sat in Rachel's car as it was parked in front of the home of her county supervisor father.

That fall, Rachel went to college at Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah, but the relationship with Quinn didn't end — when Rachel returned home, she and Quinn had similar sexual trysts.

Quinn's girlfriend, meanwhile, always found it weird that a "college girl" would be interested in a high school freshman, adding to her suspicions about her wayward boyfriend (in addition to the text messages between Quinn and Susan Brock, Quinn's girlfriend found naked pictures of other female classmates on his phone).

Neff knew of Quinn's sexual relationship with Rachel Brock. Quinn showed him pictures he had saved on his phone of Rachel naked that she had sent him, along with videos of her masturbating. Neff says Quinn told him that the two had actual intercourse at least twice, the last time in July 2010, just a few months before Susan Brock's arrest and nearly three years after Quinn was first abused by both Susan and Rachel Brock.

Neff, who briefly dated Beth Anne Brock, told police he always suspected Susan was interested in Quinn sexually but didn't know of any abuse until it came out in the media.

About a year and a half before Susan Brock was arrested, Neff says he was playing cards with Paul, Susan, and Rachel, when Susan suggested that the four play strip poker because she had recently lost a lot of weight. There is nothing in investigation records to suggest that the game actually occurred.

At the time of the strip-poker suggestion, Quinn already had been sexually active with both Susan and Rachel for about two years.

Susan Brock began her sexual encounters with Quinn in October 2007, about a month after Rachel went away to college.

Quinn and Susan Brock were alone in her Lexus SUV as it was parked in a partially developed neighborhood near the Chandler airport that month. Susan crawled over the seat, disrobed the boy, and grabbed his penis — the first of about 30 hand jobs Brock would give Quinn over the course of about three years.

On most of those occasions, Susan Brock would massage the boy's penis with vibrating sex toys. In one instance, as the two again were parked by the airport, Brock removed her Mormon temple garments so Quinn could ejaculate on her breasts.

"I don't know, it was always just the same thing," Quinn later told police. "Rarely would we do it at her house, and whenever we did, it would be [while] on the computer or her iPhone looking at pornography."

As Quinn raked in expensive gifts and cash from Brock, the most valuable service Brock provided the boy was the means to continue his relationship with his girlfriend after her parents forbade their relationship.

One of the many purchases Susan Brock made for him was a $4,000 diamond ring from Kay Jewelers that, prosecutor Jason Holmberg says, became a gift for Quinn to give to his girlfriend.

In addition to the ring, Brock would arrange ways for Quinn to have sex with the girl after the girl's parents had forbidden the two from seeing each other.

Brock arranged for the two to have sex on several occasions, made suggestions about which sexual positions they should try, and even provided them with a "sex kit" that included condoms, sexual lubricants, and sex toys.

In one instance, Brock drove the two to a mall parking lot so they could have sex in her car. Brock went inside to shop while Quinn and his girlfriend had sex, with the understanding that they would text-message Brock when they were done and ready to leave.

Looking back, Quinn's girlfriend tells police, she thought there were times Brock listened as she and Quinn had sex. There were occasions, she says, when Brock arranged for her and Quinn to have sex at Brock's mother's house, where Fulton Brock's wife would "linger."

In one case, Quinn literally had to push Brock out the door so he could have sex with his girlfriend.

Quinn's girlfriend said she should have known her boyfriend and the county supervisor's wife were having a sexual relationship. She said she recalls times when Quinn was in the backseat of Brock's car as she was driving and would put his feet on the headrest so Brock could rub them. She told police Brock would sometimes talk to Quinn in a "seductive-sounding voice."

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