Buckeye Police Chief Dan Saban announces retirement to take on Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

Dan the Man, heading into battle against Nickel Bag Joe.

Just received the following news release on Dan Saban's retirement as Buckeye Police Chief. It'll be effective August 1, so he'll have nothing slowing him down as he goes into full-court press against Sheriff Joe this fall. If we're lucky, by the second week in November, we'll be reading about ol' Joe's forced retirement from office.

With Obama coming to town tomorrow and the primary next week, I know everyone is caught up in Presidential fever when it comes to politics. As much as I'd like to see the Dems win the Presidency, the Saban vs. Arpaio race is by far the most important political race this year for all those who live in Maricopa County. Followed closely by County Attorney Candy Thomas' bid for reelection.

What happens in Washington matters, of course. What happens here matters more. The MCSO is the entity that's riding roughshod over the rights of oridinary citizens like you and me. Liberals and conservatives alike like to natter on about the Patriot Act and such. But it's the MCSO's Selective Enforcement Unit that can come calling for you in the middle of the night, like they did my bosses Jim Larkin and Mike Lacey. And it's MCSO kingpins like Chief Deputy David Hendershott and others, who have the power to smear folks, just like they did Dan Saban back in 2004.

One interesting aside: Check Buckeye Mayor Bobby Bryant's good wishes to Saban below. Bryant and Saban have had their tiffs. In September, Bryant even suggested an ordinance forbidding any city employee from being "a candidate for nomination or election to any paid public office." The proposed ordinance was aimed squarely at Saban, though it was later withdrawn from consideration once it began to garner media attention. Check then Bird item, "Dan Tanned," and the blog item, "Buckeye punts, for the moment, on ordinance aimed at Arpaio foe Chief Dan Saban," if you're interested in ancient history.

Buckeye Police Chief Dan Saban Announces His Retirement Effective Aug. 1

Buckeye, Ariz. (Jan. 29, 2008) – Buckeye Police Chief Dan Saban has announced his retirement from the department effective Aug. 1 to spend more time on his campaign for Maricopa County Sheriff.

In a letter to Interim Town Manager Jeanine Guy and Assistant Town Manager Scott Rounds, Saban said that his three-year verbal commitment when he was hired approaches on March 29, “a minimum of three full years in the event I chose to initiate a second campaign for Maricopa County Sheriff in 2008, and in fact I have.

“I am so grateful for the opportunities, challenges and experiences I have been afforded during my tenure thus far,” Saban said, adding that he was announcing the decision now to “allow enough time for our organization to find an appropriate replacement and make a professional transition.”

Guy said that Saban “will be sorely missed.

“Dan Saban has instilled a new level of professionalism in the Buckeye Police Department, and we thank him for undertaking that challenging task,” Guy said. “Using his decades of experience and solid leadership, Dan has initiated programs and policies that will form a quality foundation as the department and the town grow.

“We are pleased that he will be involved in our national search for his successor, and we wish him the best of luck.”

Mayor Bobby Bryant said he “totally appreciates” Saban’s service to the community.

“I respect what he’s attempting to do with his election campaign,” Bryant said. “He is a person of high ethical standards. He wouldn’t do anything that might jeopardize the town and this proves it.”

In a separate e-mail message to Police Department employees and town department heads, Saban said it was “with a heavy heart” that he announced his retirement.

“I must state that the experiences and opportunities you have allowed me to participate in these three years have truly been the professional highlight of my career,” Saban wrote.

“I owe each of you my deepest appreciation.”

During his tenure in Buckeye, Saban pointed to several of his accomplishments including

• Directing a complete review and rewrite of all existing policies and procedures to meet nationally accredited standards

• Launching Operation CONDOR (Coordinating Our Networks to Decrease Offender Recidivism), including sex offenders and the “Top 10” wanted

• Creating a beat accountability program to fight and prevent crime

• Creating Faith Builders Partnership for Public Safety, a faith-based initiatives program recognized by the Arizona Governor’s Office and the White House

• Establishing a resource-sharing relationship with the Ajo Border Patrol Section along State Route 85, a known human smuggling route

• Redesigning the School Resource Program by creating VALUE Kids, a new year-round SRO program.

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