Buckeye Police Officer (Who Witnesses Say Reeked of Alcohol) to Stepdaughter's Friends: "If I Ever See Any of You Whores, Sluts, or Druggies on My Property, I Will Call the Cops."

Like most parents would, off-duty Buckeye police Officer Corrina Griffith got in her car and searched for her stepdaughter after getting word the 15-year-old girl was running away from home.


When Griffith, 36, found her stepdaughter hanging out with her teenage friends outside a Bashas' grocery store about 10 p.m. on March 13, she allegedly stopped acting like "most parents."

Apparently not a big fan of her stepdaughter's friends, Griffith said she'd call the cops if the girl's friends, who the cops say she not-so-affectionately called "whores," "sluts," and "druggies," and also let them know she'd "kick their asses."

That started a fracas between Griffith and the teenage girls, as well as the girls' parents, and the shouting match ensued, police say.

Naturally the cops showed up and gifted Griffith with a disorderly-conduct citation.

Goodyear police, who handled the investigation, say multiple witnesses claimed she smelled like alcohol, but Griffith declined a sobriety test and was released with her citation.

Still, the citation is a bit of a problem since she's a police officer.

Larry Hall, assistant Buckeye police chief, tells New Times that Griffith has been put on paid administrative leave while the department internally investigates the matter.

Hall says he can't comment further on Griffith because the investigation is ongoing.

Griffith's date with the judge is April 21 at the Agua Fria Justice Court.

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