Buffalo Rick's sinister scribblings against U.S. District Court Judge Roslyn O. Silver.

Nativist poster-boy, judge-hater and alleged public urinator Buffalo Rick Galeener.

Can Sand Land nativists get any more blatant in their contempt for the rule of law, particularly when federal judges are involved? Take the following odious scribblings from "Buffalo Rick" on erstwhile KIA-dealer Rusty Childress' anti-Hispanic Web site immigrationbuzz.com. Since Buffalo Rick Galeener's personal site is linked to from his handle, and since Galeener is essentially Childress' second in command at the hate group United for a Sovereign America, it's a safe bet "Buffalo Rick" is in fact Buffalo Rick Galeener, the same brain surgeon who's currently facing charges of public urination, where it's alleged he made water in the sight of a Hispanic lady and her little boy. I take care in identifying him here because I suspect that this post on immigrationbuzz.com may come down and its existence denied once someone with a lick of sense takes a look at it:

Buffalo Rick Says: June 3rd, 2008 at 5:07 am Does this leave cleaning up CC to citizens? We did it before, we can do it again.

Perhaps U.S. District Judge Roslyn Silver will be lucky enough to be hit by an illegal alien drunk driver. Possibly lose a family member to an illegal alien breaking our laws.

Nothing is to “good” for this traitorous judge. Remember her name when it comes time to mark an X.

Judge Silver recently issued a temporary order blocking Cave Creek's anti-day laborer ordinance because it's unconstitutional. Obviously, ol' Rick wishes Judge Silver harm, even if he won't be the one causing that harm. It's the last line where I see him potentially stepping over the line. The sentence "Nothing is to [sic] `good' for this traitorous judge," seems to imply a threat, but perhaps Galeener did not mean it that way.

Also, what's up with "Remember her name when it comes time to mark an X"? Silver was nominated to the bench by President Clinton in 1994. She was confirmed by the U.S. Senate that same year. Does Buffalo think U.S. District Judges are voted on by the public somehow? Is he that dumb? Or does he mean to suggest something else here?

FYI, Buffa-load, here's a handy little explanation from the U.S. Courts for the 9th Circuit:

"Judges serving on the circuit and district courts are known as Article III judges, a reference to the article in the United States Constitution establishing the federal judiciary. Article III judges are nominated by the President, confirmed by the Senate and serve for life."

No charge for the education, Buffaluffalus. Assuming you can read all them big words...

One can only imagine the hay nativists would make out of a similar statement made by someone in what they call the "open borders crowd." You'd think, being that Galeener is facing possible jail time in the public urination case, that the idiot would keep his grizzled pie-hole shut. But the Gabby Hayes-lookalike just can't help himself.

Note to the nativist idgits who manage the immigrationbuzz.com Web site: Don't bother taking the comment from Buffalo down or modifying it. I've already got a screenshot. And if you take it down, I will publish it and give proof of what you have to hide. In any case, with Google cache, it won't go away as quickly as you'll now want.

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