Bugatti Veyron Sighting: $1.5 Million Car Parked at Fashion Square Mall Turns Heads



A young woman taking pictures of the beetle-like car seemed nearly on the verge of tears as she told us about the estimated price and 1,001-horsepower engine. A bit of Wiki'ing later proved she knew her stuff (or, more likely, had Googled the info before we saw her).

With just a handle of cars like these in the world, other recent mentions on the Internet of a Veyron in Phoenix probably refer to the same vehicle. A valet dude told us the Veyron's owner is just an "average guy" -- the dude stops mid-sentence to correct himself: "average" as in not famous -- who owns several ultra-expensive cars.

Can there be any excuse for such an extravagance, especially in the depths of a damnable recession?

Who knows? But we and other dreamers enjoyed the show.

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